It's more than just a train ride!

Party on with the Party Caboose!
Everyone loves a party, so plan your special day with the Prairie Dog Central Railway and the Party Caboose! Reserved exclusively for you and your party, the Party Caboose travels at the rear of the train during the outbound journey and at the front of the train for the return.
To book the Party Caboose please contact us during business hours (the Caboose cannot be booked online).

Ride in the Caboose

For a cost of $45 per passenger, you will have the exclusive use of our Vintage 1912 Caboose for the trip to Grosse Isle, during the stopover at Grosse Isle and for the trip back to Inkster Junction Station. The Caboose holds a maximum of 12 persons while in transit and 15 to 20 when stationary. There is table space, storage and lots of seating for your guests. We would encourage you to sit upstairs in the cupola during the ride for a truly unique perspective. Book early to take advantage of this fun-filled opportunity to ride inside a Caboose. When riding in the Caboose you will have a qualified member of PDCR staff with you during the trip to ensure your safety.

Rent the Caboose for the Stopover at Grosse Isle

When booking the caboose for your exclusive use during the stopover, your passengers will travel in the regular passenger coaches to and from Grosse Isle. Each passenger must purchase a regular train ticket plus there is an additional charge of $65 for the use of the Caboose at Grosse Isle. Your time in the caboose will be between 45 and 60 minutes. The Caboose can hold a maximum of 15 to 20 when stationary.In both instances, the Caboose can be decorated with balloons. If you wish to bring along your own decorations then we can have a Porter available to assist you. The Prairie Dog Central does not provide snacks or food. You can either bring your own packed lunch and we will safely transport it in the Caboose during the trip or, you can purchase hot dogs, smokies, pies, tarts, ice cream, freezies and hot and cold drinks from the friendly volunteers of Grosse Isle.

Please Note: The Party Caboose is only available between mid-May and the end of September on our regular scheduled daytime trains. The Caboose must be booked in advance and bookings are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

If you require more information or would like to book the Caboose then please contact our Ticket Office during business hours. Early booking is recommended as there is a limited number of slots available.

Party Caboose - $65 inclusive of GST plus train tickets
Ride In the Caboose - $45 inclusive of GST per person (no additional train tickets required)