Engineer for a Day

Hands on the Throttle!
Become a Diesel Engineer for a Day
at the Prairie Dog Central Railway

Bucket list item, once in a lifetime opportunity, one-shot deal…  Call it what you want, this exclusive opportunity is a must for any Diesel locomotive enthusiast.

You will experience a day filled with education, information and hands on the throttle.


Engineer for a Day at the Prairie Dog Central Railway

The day will begin with an orientation session, a safety briefing and in-class instruction.

There will be a familiarization tour of the PDC site where you will learn how to use a switch and perform a visual inspection of the track and equipment (approximately 3 hours in total).

Training will be constant throughout the day.

Hands-on experience will consist of preparing the engine for your trip, including starting the locomotive and performing a brake test. You will run the engine around the yard as you couple onto various cars, including a service car, caboose and flat car for example.

When your train is set up you will run the locomotive to Grosse Isle, turn at the wye and return to Inkster Junction Station (approximately 4 hours in total).

On your return you will put the equipment and locomotive away before the presentation.

There will be plenty of opportunities for photographs throughout the day.

For more information please contact us.

Included in the price is a full, hands-on day of training, refreshments and snacks, lunch, a presentation certificate, a t-shirt, an engineer cap and 3 guests to ride in the caboose.

The approximate start and end times are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • Diesel Locomotive only
  • Only 1 booking (1 engineer in training) is permitted on any given day
  • Only available on non-operating train days
  • There are certain physical and mental health requirements to take part in this day
  • Must hold a valid drivers license
  • You are required to sign a waiver prior to the training

Cost (including tax) $2299.00

For more information please contact us.

Engineer for a Day with the Manitoba Railway Prairie Dog Central